Welcome to high school! these next few years are going to be incredible. This first year is important and you need to do your best. If you need anything be sure to let me know, and check back here often for updates and information throughout the school year.

FAQ's for Freshman Year 

When is the first day of school? August 16

What time does school start? 8:10AM (I would recommend being at school by no later than 8AM)

Who can help me if I get lost in the hallways? Security staff (they're always in purple) & Freshmen Mentors!

What do I do if I need help with homework, studying, etc.? Your teacher, the point, and me (your counselor).

Who's my Dean....and what's a Dean? Your Dean is Mrs. Bougdanos. The Deans deal mainly with disciplinary issues. 

How does PE work in high school? You will dress everyday for PE in a Niles North PE uniform (you can purchase one for $20)

What's the most important thing about Freshman Year? Laying a great foundation! Work hard, play hard, get involved, and ask for help!


Do you have questions about a club or activity at Niles North?  Check out this website for all the information you need to get started!