Important Dates:

College Application Workshops:

  • Friday, September 8 @ 8-10am (late arrival)

  • Monday, October 2 @ 8-9:30am (late start)

  • Saturday, October 21 @ 10am-2pm

  • Thursday, November 2 @ 2:15pm (early release)


  • Senior College Night (students & family): Thursday, August 24 @ 6:30pm, Niles North Auditorium

  • Coffee with the Counselors (parents) : Wednesday, September 20 @ 7:30am, Niles North Commons

  • Senior Financial Aid Night (students & family): September 26 @ 6:30pm, Niles North Auditorium

More Dates and Details HERE

The College Application Time Line

Best Practices:

Create a time line for yourself using some version of a calendar (iCal, Google Calendar, even a paper calendar or planner). Mark all of your application deadlines and set "reminders" to go off the weeks leading up to each deadline. Many applications will let you set the "reminders" to be in the form of an email sent right to your inbox. 

We'll go over your timeline and your application plan during your Senior Meeting. If you're not sign up please sign up today!

Meeting Sign Up (Sign up will be available at the end of August)


Q: How does Parchment work?

A: For any and all Non-Common App applications that require an Official Transcript, students much use Parchment to send their Transcript. Students will log in to their Parchment account and order a transcript for each school needing one. Parchment requests access to the transcript from Niles North, Niles North approves the request, and Parchment then delivers the transcript to the college(s)/university(ies). Isn't technology great?!

Parchment Visual.png

Q: What is Mr. Schumann's Contact information?

A: Many applications will ask for some specific information about your counselor. Here's what you need to know!

Full Name: Michael Schumann

Title: School Counselor


Phone: 847-626-2164

2018 Class Size: 538

School CEEB: 143927

Class Rank: Niles North does not rank. You can enter N/A or leave the field blank

Semester course = 1 credit

Full year course = 2 credits

(Dual-credit courses with Oakton Community College: Introduction to Engineering Design, Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civil Engineering & Architecture, Health Careers, ECE Level 2)

Date of entry: August 12, 2014 (if attended Niles North all 4 years)

Graduation date: May 27, 2018

Start term: Fall 2018

Weeks in the school year: 37

GPA scale:  4.0 (weighted and unweighted)

Honor Roll is calculated on grades for a single grading period (Term GPA). To be eligible for the honor roll, a student:

  • Must be carrying 5 or more graded courses for credit
  • Cannot receive an F in any course
  • Cannot have an Incomplete for any course
  • At the end of a semester, the honor roll is determined by the Term GPA.
  • Very High Achievement (Purple or Red Certificate): Term GPA = 3.8 or greater
  • High Achievement (White Certificate): Term GPA = 3.0 - 3.79

Senior Resources  

The College app check list is available to you through the button below. Print as many as you need! As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

Writing a great college essay doesn't have to be a painful experience. It can actually be a very therapeutic process. Colleges want to know who you are and what you've done. They want to hear your story. This website helps you work through the steps of writing a great essay.  Let me know if you have any questions.

College Application Tips:

  • General Application Tips

    • When completing college applications, use an email address that you check often OR create a new email that will only be used for the college process!

      • Email is the way most colleges communicate with you!

      • Keep track of all passwords! While you are able to save log-in credentials on your computer, it is a good idea to write them down in a safe place if something should happen to your computer, or you use another computer to log in.

    • Use your full, legal name when completing applications. It must match exactly with what is on your transcript and test scores. If your name is Katherine and you go by Kate, complete your applications with Katherine.

    • Write classes exactly as they appear on your schedule!

      • You DO NOT need to include homeroom or lunch.

      • If you have an Early Bird class, you will include the class, but you do not need to include the “EB” acronym.

    • When asked to provide your counselor contact information, this is your school counselor, not the college counselor.

    • Type your counselor’s and teacher’s name and email address correctly. If it is incorrect, they will not receive your recommendation request.

    • If you are asked to list GPA (and nothing says “unweighted” or “weighted”), you should use the stronger GPA. If unsure, ask your counselor or college counselor which one is stronger for you.

    • It’s okay to send different pieces at different times – colleges will collect and place all materials (application, test score(s), transcript, recommendation, etc.) into your student file accordingly.  Once all the pieces are received, and only then, is your application complete, but the order in which they arrive does not matter.

    • Test scores you report on applications are not official – you still must send your official scores through the testing agency (,, etc.).

    • If paying for application or test score fees is a financial hardship, please see your counselor. Fee waivers may be available for students with demonstrated needs or a special circumstances.

Financial Aid Informational Videos

The Common App team have created a 6 minute video to help first time users!

Find more helpful videos here:

Check out my College Resource page:

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